Sunday, March 18, 2007

Homeward bound

This event went better than anticipated. Midnight Madness, where the merchants stay open extra late, didn't suck as it had in years past. Sales overall were much improved. The weather the last 2 days? great.

We abandoned the site on wednesday because the food selection at the event is miserable. The food served at the 'Bunk House' rates worse than a school cafeteria and I can only take so many gyros from Phils grill. We ate at a place called Copelands of New Orleans. It was a bit swankier than we were expecting but the food was great. There were eight of us, merchants all, including Scott from 'viking-u-like'. He's Dainish but lives in Germany. Funny guy with a lot of great stories. He knows all manner of stuff about Vikings, Danes, Rus, you name it. He'd never had cajun food before but I think he likes it.

After the meal we cought 300 again. Awesome. There was a trailer for 'Pathfinder' which I commented on in an earlier post. The depictions of the vikings is truly cringeworthy. I asked Scott what he thought.

'I think I want to see it, but I feel kind of dirty about it.'

Maybe a protest is in order. The christians are always bitching about how jesus is portrayed. But who speaks for the peace loving Vikings? Anyone want to dress up like a Viking and carry a sign?


Anonymous said...

I'll do it.
I'll just have to fit it into my schedule. I'm looting a monastery on Thorsday and burning some English lord's manor this weekend.


Anonymous said...

And the sign will read, "A nun with a spear through her head!" LOL

Steve said...

I'd like half the signs to be in runes.

Anonymous said...

Has this come out yet? I'll dress up and hold a sign-- it will be funny.