Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gulf Wars: Good and bad

We made it here without incident. Set up was smooth except for one missing pole which was replaced by a trip to a Home Depot. Sales are good so far. The weather is hot in the morning but pleasant by night.

Sounds pretty normal doesn't it? Well I just don't have the energy to relate the story of the young couple in the pickup truck that had 'just married' spraypainted on it in Kentucky, or the reunion with an old acquaintance who used to make chain mail at Pennsic. He is now a she.

Then there's the argument with the merchant coordinator over her demand that we put up a sheet wall behind our booth to hide our mundane tents, despite the fact that the road is only for cars! Ahhhrg! We're handling all the strangeness in stride. Glad to be doing what we love. Glad to be away from the winter.

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