Friday, January 12, 2007

Sony shoots self in foot.

Apparently Sony will not allow porn to be produced on the BluRay format. Wow. This is one of the reasons betamax didn't succeed. The porn industry was the first (and may be the most) profitable company on the Internet. They are a multi-billion dollar industry. To tell them to f*ck themselves (and not in the good way) is a sure way to make sure no one uses your technology. Way to go Sony. How's that minidisk tech working for you? And the PS3? Still sitting in warehouses? Nice.

I'm calling it for HD-DVD. Gentlemen, start your wallets.

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Ed Dale said...

I'll agree with your diagnosis. I already have a HD-DVD player. I have Serenity, King Kong, Batman Begins all in HD-DVD. The real question, in my mind, is Xbox 360 versus AppleTV for downloaded movies.