Monday, January 15, 2007

Pardon me?

After reading the headline from thisUK article I was bit miffed, if not downright aggrivated:

Campaign to pardon Britain's last convicted witch

This is especially strange since she was convicted during WWII. Weren't we done with this nonsence by then? But it gets stranger once you dig a little deeper. Apparently the lady in question, seemed to have information about wartime ship sinkings that hadn't been made public. She was imprisioned for 9 months. Churchill did away with the laws after the war but the woman didn't get a pardon.

She seemed to know something. The Government, having no evidence she was a spy but fearfull D-day information might be leaked, silenced her. Of course it's pretty clear how we'd handle something like this today. Off to Gitmo for a good waterboarding.

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