Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pics Online!

We finished today and began cleaning up the huge mess we created in building this thing. I used the new Picassa Web albums feature, I hope you like.


Ed Dale said...

Cool roof - I don't think it will shed rain well, but it sure looks cool.

Anonymous said...

That is really beautiful. The jealousy factor increases.

Anonymous said...

Evil Plan "To Do" List:

1) Strategically place Little Debbie snacks around the perimeter of the property (the big guy will follow the trail of yummy goodness and fall into the large hole we dug, thus taking him out of the picture)

2) Subdue the read-head (Bring medical kit...just in case WE need it)

3) First attempt to subdue the red-head will most likely fail and cause us massive pain...devise back up plan.

4) Make the house ours!

Our cause is just. We WILL prevail!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Awesome. and Frickin' Awesome. Dude.

Anonymous said...

Achtung Levi! De infidels haf made a graven image of us!

Ya Jonas, now we shall surely burn in Hell.

Hey Levi, lets just not tell de parson, okay?

Dats a nice roof dey's gonna build mit our lumber, ya?

Ya, but it's kinda fancy, I think.

Ya, dey shall surely burn in Hell...

- overheard by grim, who lives about 12 pole from the Amish sawmill.

Anonymous said...

Looks great Steve!! Ya know if you ever give up selling corsets you might be able to go into a redecorating gig. I could even see a TLC show....


Anonymous said...

Great looking addition to Bagend! Your talents never cease to amaze me.

Brother of Monkey