Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Before MTV sucked..

Years ago in the Pliestine age (1984) there was a video and song that I truly dug. I remember it was called "Land of Hunger" and it was by a group called "The Earons". Well, thanks to the Internets and youtube I am once again able to enjoy this very cool song, and so can you. The weird thing is that the band members were known only by numbers. Supposedly they were well known, but no one has any data on this. Go check the google or wikipedia. These guys were fucking ninja's!


Anonymous said...

Dude. There is NOTHING about the identities of these band members anywhere! The military could take lessons from these guys.

Steve said...

I TOLD you people, but you didn't believe me! How in the age of the Interon (with all its mighty tubes) could there be nothing our there on these guys???

Anonymous said...

"yeah, thats my dad", lol! no, it really is.