Thursday, June 15, 2006


Rossana is much better. She's taking it easy and doing the therapy. Thanks for the emails, she really appreciated them.

The reunion was great. When I visited Goodman in Austin, there was lots to do and see, but here in scenic Wellington, well, there isn't. But all parties seemed quite content to just kick back and chill at Bag End. We ate dinner out on the lawn and had talks late into the evening around the brazier on our porch.

Very little in the way of work got done so I'm going to have to kick into high gear to get ready for our upcomming housewarming event. This means a trip to the fireworks store. Oh yes. And I will be unsupervised.

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Ed Dale said...

Dumb question:

Are you up for a chemistry experiment? I'd like to bring a 2 liter and some mentos out with me.

Any objections?