Sunday, June 11, 2006

The good and the bad.

The good news, my father is visiting from Boston and tomorrow my brother and step brother are also coming over. We haven’t had this group together since my wedding at Pennsic. Its tough, with everyone spread out all over the country.

The bad news? Rossana injured herself yesterday while doing yardwork. Something in her knee popped out and did not pop in. It was bad enough that I took her to the emergency room. If anyone doubts my Jedi powers try getting away with taking a left turn through a red light in the middle of Oberlin at 35 mph with a cop RIGHT BEHIND YOU. I can't explain it, but he followed me through the light and then just turned off onto a side street.

Lucky for me.

The emergency room doctors were useless. X-rays showed nothing broken, which we knew. They put her leg in a leg brace thing, prescribed anti-inflammatory pills and vicodin. They referred her to to an orthopedic doctor she could see on MONDAY. 'It's first come, first serve so get there plenty early' and pray.

Fuck that! There is a great chiropractor in Wellington named Pfeiffer. He also handles all the high school sports team injuries. We got to see him first thing TODAY. He iced the kneee and managed to get it popped back into place. That was a big improvement. She's seeing him again on Monday and will likely need to do some excercises to strengthen her ligaments. Otherwise she is resting well. I got her some crutches to make sure she doesn't try to move boulders or something.

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Anonymous said...

Normally, I think of chiropractors and witch doctors in the same light. But, if it is making our lovely Rossanna get better, I am good with that.

You take care of her, cause I am sure that we can find a way to blame you for her injury.


Anonymous said...

These aren't the droids we're looking for... Move along.

Sir Constantine.

Anonymous said...

Well, bugger.

One corgi e-card on it's way! Hope the recuperative process goes swimmingly. Let us know if all y'all need any help getting set up for the 24th, or, y'know, *anything.*

If you find that you need to put Rossana on crate rest, am afraid I can't loan you Andy's crate... Strangely, now that *he* doesn't need it anymore, he's been using it!