Friday, June 02, 2006

Absolute Rage

Go take a look here. That is our asshat President. When I saw the photo I recognized where he was sitting at once. I was sitting there just a few months ago. It's the base for Hands on USA in Biloxi.

He was there to promote volunteerism, and that's great and all. But I'm from the 'ounce of prevention' school of thought. Not much could have been done to prevent the storm damage to Biloxi, but New Orleans could have fared a shitload better had this moron and his flunkies been anywhere near on the ball. The loss of life could have been reduced, the federal response might have gotten started earlier and run more efficiently. But what did we get from this man? Lies.

This man is the Worst President Ever.

Look again, there he is helping build a new home. But he isn't, is he? It's a photo op. Just like when volunteer firefighters were rushed to Atlanta to do what? Be used as props with this jackass while people were dying.

I'm not mad at Hands on USA. There is no bad publicity. They are just one of many groups down there that are in for the long haul. And if having this pigfucker show up for a 5 minute photo op helps remind people that the Gulf Coast is still in ruins, still needs help, well that's the price these people will pay. For them, it's about the work.

Mr. President, the Gulf Coast doesn't need you down there hammering nails. They need you to deliver the relief you promised. They need to to put people who know what the fuck they are doing into FEMA managament. Or better yet, just step down before you do any more damage. You've had your chance. Hell, you've had many chances and you have blown every godamned one.


Anonymous said...

Amen brother.

If you listen really hard, you can still hear the echo of my initial rage-scream on November 3rd, 2004 (I blew out most of my capillaries that day). I wish the entire Bush Administration would change their look – donning “Grim Reaper” costumes; after all, DEATH seems to result in everything they touch, trailing behind in their wake.

Bush is a criminal, and needs to be the first president to do hard-time in prison (well, it’s a dream I have at least).

Mutherfucking bastard Bush.

Anonymous said...

This always makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

Don't hold back, tell us how you really feel about our pig fucker prez....

He should have stayed on the Texas Ranch cutting trees instead of fowling up this country. After his 8 years of tyranny, I figure that it will take at least 20 for the world to world to stop hating us (as much).

but hey, the ignorant fucks in this country wanted a bible thumpin', jesus humpin', C student ridin', woman hatin', gay bashin', intolerant fucktard as president.

Darth Bush and his Master Lord (let's go hunting) Cheney can both die a slow painful death in a turkish prison for all I care.

F those F'ing F'ers.

Anonymous said...

We could ALWAYS get another president in there like Clinton...boy, did that man work wonders.

They say it takes a full 7 years to feel the effect of a president's administration on the the mess we're in right now is compliments of Mr. Clinton, folks. Put that in your pipes and smoke it!

Steve said...

Who is 'they'? Give me details.

We felt the effect of Bush pretty f*cking quickly. We invaded Afghanistan (good) and then we invaded Iraq(bad).

The economy was NOT sliding into the shitter when George took over.

Yes, a terrorist strike can cetainly put a strain on the economy. But we could have recovered a lot faster without a multi-billion dollar war.

"But the people of Iraq are free!" Yes they are. Now go pick up a history book and look at how strongly opposed ethnic and religious groups settle their differences. It's never pretty.