Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Useful info

There's alot of public debate these days on all kids of topics from the War on Terror(tm) to domestic wiretaps etc etc. There's are also a lot of harsh accusations flying back and forth in the media and on various political blogs. With all the smoke and noise it can be hard to pick out just the facts about various issues. Back during the last election I turned to to help separate fact from fabrication. It's still a pretty damn good resource. It does not appear that they are on anyone's "side" but are instead interested in presenting facts and accurate accounts about both sides and their tendency to play fast and loose with quotes and statistics.

What websites do YOU trust? What sites do you NOT trust. Post in the comments.

UPDATE- This post seems mildly pretentious, like I spend all my time thinking about heavy global political matters. When in fact I was up till about 2 am last night looking for a good source for a Marauder's Map prop. And indeed, it has been found. Mischief Managed!


Anonymous said...

I think the only news service that you can trust to be reasonabley impartial these days is the NPR site or stations.


Steve said...

Indeed, NPR has been a great source. They do a better job that the typical soundbytes from the networks.

Once might trust AP News, but they have been cought publishing a deomonstrably false story this week about a Democratic Senator from Nevada. Check out for details.

Any other good resources?

Anonymous said...

(Puts Book of J'Quan away.) Oh, you mean *real* news? Echoes endorsement of NPR. Also:
b/c I like to see the brit!spin on U.S. and world events.