Thursday, March 02, 2006

I feel sick

This story has made me smiting mad. I literally want to hit something, or in this case someONE.

A West Virginia police chief physically forced a man to stop giving CPR to his gay friend, stating that the man was HIV positive. He wasn't, and even if we was you can't get AIDS from performing CPR. He then tried to prevent the EMS personel from aiding the victem. They ignored him. The man died anyway. The city is being sued, of course, by the ACLU. for wrongful death.

This is why stupid, bigottted or fundy people should not hold positions of power.

If you are stupid, do not join the police force or FEMA management.

If you are bigotted, learn to deal with it, or you will get the smackdown like this moron did. (It alas, will not bring the victem back)

If you are a fundy, you shouldn't work as a pharmacist. Please move to Texas and point your guns at the ATF in a threatening matter.

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