Friday, November 04, 2005

Tick tick tick

I'm running around trying to get shit done and all manner of things are cropping up trying to slow me down. Customers are anxious about their special orders and I understand that. I'm trying to straighten everything out before I leave. I had a website to build but the client has made almost zero effort to get me the info I requested. Fuck it, he must not be in a hurry then.

Went supply shopping today. The good news, gas was $2.05 at Sams club. I'm hoping the prices further south are also dropping. That means that our money will go further. The bad news, basic stuff still costs a lot of money. We got some more cleaning supplies at Big Lots and then shopped for extra work clothes at Goodwill.

The two things that are of concern to me now are illness and injury. Not there, but here! Rossana is sick. It takes a lot to put her out of commission. And she's fighting it, but we tend to pass colds back and forth. Also, I seem to have some sort of heavy object magnet implanted on my body. I managed to pull 6 heavy metal brackets off a shelf and onto my head yesterday. I dropped a ladder on my foot and almost fell down my own front stairs.

I've been in contact with organizers for both Hands On USA and Common grounds. Both are glad we're coming as there is still a need for volunteers. I'm told that most of the National Guard checkpoints have been taken down. They are also clearing space for all of the expected volunteers. They say that they hope to be able to feed everyone but its a good idea to bring your own just in case.

I'm a little nervous because the NOPD did not have the best reputation even in the best of times. There is still a curfew and several volunteers have been hassled and/or arrested on various or imaginary charges. Thanks to a customer of mine who happen to be a lawyer in Cleveland I should be able to track down a lawyer in Louisiana just in case something unpleasant happens. (Thanks Pete and Erika!)


Ed Dale said...

Maybe all this crap is god saying "Don't go, don't go!"

Is there anything I can do to help you on your way? I have already donated to your gas fund. Is there anything you need done, bought, brought, packed or cleaned? I.E. can the volunteer use some volunteer labor?

Steve said...

Most of our equipment and supplies are good to go. I just need to pack the van and do a little more food shopping. I'll likely do this on Sunday.

Thanks for the donation and the offer for help.

Anonymous said...

You're very welcome, Steve. Happy to help. We've got our fingers crossed that you and Rossana won't need to use that information! -Erika & Pete