Sunday, October 30, 2005

Vampires to the left of me...

The San Marcos hotel was built in 1913. It is a grand Spanish Revival structure with gracefull arches and ivy covered pergolas. Errol Flynn stayed here, along with other Hollywood notables. I'm not sure what the original owners would think of the current Vampiric infestation.

It seems incongruous that creatures of darkness would choose to meet at such a warm and sunny location. But meet they do. Fewer than I'd like. The dealers room has several vacant tables where expected merchants failed to appear. The corsets are of course, well received. Their workmanship is appreciated. But the life of the undead obviously doesn't pay very well. We will likely break even. A few sales will show up later on line. After all, it took a lot of money to get here.

In the great tradition of the suburbs, none of the normal guess seem to see anything strange going on. Rossana wore a stunning hard leather corset and bra with matching arm and leg guards along with six inch platform heels and it barely raised an eyebrow at the Italian restaurant we had lunch at.

Tonight was the big shindig with everyone dressed to the nines. Tonight some major event takes place in the Vampire world but you wouldnt know it from the crowd. Quiet and subdued until the booze kicks in. We glide past on our way to dinner. But its late and all we find open is a Jack in the Box. "I thought these all closed" my wife says after "jeff" falrteringly takes our order.
" They hit a rough patch after the first four deaths from food poisoning a few years ago".

Rossana eyed her salad suspiciously. "Dont worry, it was the beef" I said taking a big bite of my greasy Jackburger.

Death is all around us tonight.

Steven Pack
Renaissance Fashions

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