Sunday, November 13, 2005

Pasta and shots

Pasta and shots
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But not the alcohol kind. After a four minute shower we walked to the nearest store. We were told it was walking distance but the guy who told us was jogger. This is a man who likes pain. But Rossanas feet were killing her. She didn't have enough time to break in her boots and already has blisters from the days work. We bought her some sneakers and some other essentials and hoofed it back in time for chow. Damn good pasta. In fact it was the best tasting meal EVER.

There was a brief meeting where stories were told. We all busted ass today. After dinner we spoke with other volunteers. They come from all over. We were asked about our shots. We had tried to get them before we left but could not swing it. Luckily the nurse who has been here over a month is well stocked. We both got our Hepatitus A shots and I updated my tetnus shot.

I pray I can sleep tonight. I doubt it though. It is hard to put what we saw today out of your mind. Its good we work in teams. For a short time today I was alone in front of a devastated house. As I sat I could start to feel a sense of helplessness start to overcome me. You could feel the sadness of the people who had come back to their homes only to find that they had been swept away or worse, crushed where they stood.

I hope to post pics tomorrow. But I'm tired now. Have to get some rest. I kept up. I kept up with these kids. I hope I can keep up the pace.

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