Sunday, September 25, 2005

Last day

Last day
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The corset wall of shame. Where crappy corsets are placed for public mockery.

Yesterday rocked. High sales volume. Today we sat on our asses until 2 in the afternoon. Then we managed to pull in sales as a soft rain began to fall. We did not beat last years closing weekend. I wonder how much better we'd be doing if we weren't in a goddamn war and the economy wasn:t a wreck. I am so glad i had Aliki and Heather working with me this year. They helped the idle hours pass quickly and were whirlwinds of action when we were busy. I was so tired and frazzled at the end of the day that I screwed up their pay. We got it straightened out but i hope they dont think I was trying to cheat them. I just literally ran out of thinking process. Tomorrow i pack everything up and head home only to head down to southern Ohio's show tuesday to do 2 'kids days' which is sort of like being kicked in the balls but less fun.

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