Sunday, July 17, 2005

This complicates my plans...

I posted a few weeks ago about some rather clever monkeys who make the most delicious props. You can find their website here. Not only did said clever monkeys manage to create a complete suit of steel Ring Wraith Armor, accurate down to the subatomic level, they then decided to spread the joy by taking the costume to a local theater and scaring a feces out of several people by standing very still and looking like a well done movie promotion display. I giggled with wicked glee at the reactions of the unsuspecting rubes. A good time was had by all.

I returned from a hot and rainy weekend working the Great Lakes fair only to discover that my well intentioned spies had emailed me the following picture:

I can only surmise that my friends (who's identities must remain secret, though their initials are John and Debbie Prisel) were showing off their cool friends in an attempt to raise my ire. And raise it they have. How can I secretly plan on killing these people and taking all of their stuff if they know who the hell I am? I mean, I had the fucking element of surprise here and now my cover is blown. I will need to arrange a completely new and airtight alibi for my whereabouts when they disappear and that shit isn't cheap.

There is another possibility however. The people in the photo look slightly confused and/or scared. The message might be a code. They might just be promising to visit The Cool Report through the Internets, Oooooooor 'visiting' might mean that my faithful spies have liquidated their targets, disposed of the bodies and their swag is on its way to my secret storage facility in Lodi, Ohio. In which case... Good job chaps! You will be well rewarded....

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