Sunday, July 24, 2005

Slow going

Last weekend was Celtic theme weekend at the fair. Typically this is the
busiest weekend of the show but once again attendance was down. It was
hot, sure, but we're starting to see a trend. This weekend is looking
the same sales-wise. Better weather yesterday and good attendance, but
the threat of rain today.

I am exhausted. We drove to the Michigan Ren site wednesday and painted
the booth that night and all next day. Gruelling work.the closer I look
the more repairs I see that need to be made. I somehow managed to catch
a cold despite the 87+ degree weather. There's a lot of murmurs among
the merchants at Great Lakes. I was invited to a secret meeting at a
time and place I shall not reveal but it conflicted with my schedule. I
politely bowed out. Plus, I'm not sure what they hope to achieve.
Everyones numbers are down. We all know that. is it managements fault?
Who can say for absolute sure. There are a number of small grievences
but no one giant thing anyone can point to as a cause. I'm grateful
that we have ok sales, others are far worse off. But there's no
corporate paycheck to fall back on now. This is it. In the end, it will
be mid october before we have a fairly clear idea about how good or bad
the season was.

Pennsic approaches. Totally unprepared. Looks like Lindsey will be
driving with us. That's got me a little excited. I'm hoping she falls in
love with Pennsic like Rossana and I did.

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