Saturday, July 09, 2005

Terrorism sucks

London gets bombed. It was bound to happen. The tube is a tempting target. But they will track down the bombers because London has the most video cameras per person of ANY city in the world. And great counterterrorism units thanks to the IRA. Building a bomb is not hard, placing a bomb is not hard, getting away with this kind of thing IS hard. England has its shit straight.

America on the other hand is fucked. We are a huge country. We have thousands of miles of tracks, mass transit in most cities and massive coastlines. Protecting these assets is a massive undertaking. It will take billions. Now where could we get money like that? Of course! The federal budget! Oh wait, we're dumping 400 billion into a lie in Iraq. Our National Guard is there, our reserves are there. They are spending MY TAX DOLLARS to provide a fertile training ground for Al Qaida. Iraq is far better than Afghanistan. I man, what's in Afghanistan? Nothing. But Iraq had lots of big cities. Lots of places to hide, sympathetic citizens, lots of unemployed army folks. And you can get there on a number of airlines. Thanks George! You fucktard.

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