Sunday, July 03, 2005

2005 season - day one

The frist official day is in the can and I am pretty pleased. The heat
wave that has plauged us for several weeks seems to have eased up. It
was a perfect day. So much can ride on the weather. Too cold and people
don't want to unbundle to try on clothes. Too hot and people don't want
to add layers. Rain is a tricky thing. Rain in the morning is a sales
killer but if a nice day turns to crap we still tend to keep the die

Every year is a bit of a crap shoot. You can't know what's really
happened with a show until you set up and can go talk/gossip with your
fellow rennies. Lots of changes this year. The human powered rides are
missing, several merchants are absent and the street character cast
comprised mostly of volunteers is almost half of last years numbers.
Attendance was a bit light but our sales were good. I don't think the
fair is in trouble but you're always keeping your eyes and ears open for
signs of trouble. We want to build a booth here and you hear stories
about folks building nice booths only to have the show fold the next

Last years first Sunday was aweful. We're hoping to change that
situation this year. Wish us luck.

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