Monday, April 25, 2005

Too f*cking funny

The personals section in the 'London Review of Books' magazine is far more clever and witty than anything I have ever seen here in the US. An example:

Massive-breasted heiress, 38, seeks witty Nobel-awarded intellectual beef-cake gardener-chef-poet with stonking pecs. Like me, you are dynamic, hilarious, serious, ironic, passionate, practical, affectionate, kind, funny, have most of your own legs, and are startled to find yourself still cruising the aisles of the Lurve Bazaar. Unlike me, you don’t exist. Am I right? If so, will consider any M who can make conversation, sense, a living, friends, four cooked meals, hot love and me laugh. Box no. 07/01

Take a look for yourself. It's a hoot AND a hollar.

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