Tuesday, March 15, 2005



Today began well enough, cool and clear with one dying in the tent next
to us. (That would have been too creepy). But shortly after breakfast we
were informed by the 'powers that be' that we had to move our camping
tent across the road and move our selling tent back four feet. This
would suck big time. I found the proper officials and did some
negotiating. The end result was we only had to move our sales tent over
12 feet. Much less suck. A little flattery at the right time can do

Sales were good until the rains came. We had to dig impromptu trenches
and then decided to close up and nap. Naps are good

The rain has continued, but a good dinner at Phils Grill and some
cheesecake makes all right with the world. Right now a german group
called Wolgemut is playing in the food area nearby. They are great
musicians and good showmen. Lots of energy, people dancing and clapping
to the rythems. We're safe and dry in our tent now, maybe the rain will
stop tomorrow, maybe it won't.

Say the funnist button today "No matter how sick the pope gets, they
won't take him to Lourdes". Rossana almost pee'd herself when she heard

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