Wednesday, March 02, 2005

'Gay' apparently naughty now.

This is a little messed up. Apparently there are teams of people who play something called Pro Sports. When they play these games, which involve ass slapping and showering together, they wear clothing with their team colors, name and number. (I once wore a colored uniform with my name and a number on it, but that was only until the witness had an 'accident' and I was released for lack of evidence).

So, as a fan of these sports, it stands to reason that you too might like to spend $80 to buy a replica of the jersey they wear, so that you can make believe that you 'got game', or whatever, while eating chili cheese fries at your local sports bar. Lucky for you the NFL now has a place where you can make your own jersey. You can choose your favorite color, number and name. Unless you try to use the work 'Gay', of course. When you enter this most horrible of words, you will be rejected. Originally, the site said that you are not allowed to use 'Naughty' words on your shirt. This site was changed after people, one of whom actually played pro football and is named Gay, complained. The restriction is still in place, but the rejection notice is more impersonal. For the story, check here.

Of course we can't let people use just ANY words. That kind of unregulated freedom of speech is reserved for communist countries like Canada. In fact, there are over 1,121 words you can't use on your $80 shirt. And Gay is one of them, along with 'Homo', 'Lesbian' and oddly, 'sexy'. The following words were not offensive though; 'Terroris't, 'Cocks', 'Bin Laden' & 'Hitler'.

I went to the site and made my own design. Although I am upset at the company for being asshats, my design is pretty sweet.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet! Only The Bard could be that creative! I was looking at the list of naughty words and could not figure out what was wrong with Neon Deon. Either I am really out of touch or just am not that perverse (but I doubt that, I can be a sick little monkey).