Sunday, March 27, 2005

Be prepared

Be prepared

Yesterday was a great sales day. Despite gray skies and cool temps we
did great. We had dinner with the folks from Griffin Works Leather and swapped stories of deadbeat customers and ideas to help our businesses grow. It was suposed to rain last night, and Rossana wasn't feeling good so we
took lodging at a motel. We watched the weather channel as the ominous
green blotch that was an ugly storm moved towards us. No rains
showed themselves.

Today damned gray again, and despite the further threat of rain and
Easter holliday there are poeple here. Its slow, but I don't mind.

BTW the photo is the back of a cheap cd player I bought. I found this
notice when I went to put in the batteries, which is a process I am
fairly familiar with. Why is this sign here? Who gets paid to put this
piece of paper in every player? I wonder about these things...

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