Friday, February 18, 2005

Note to self...

So, if you're already feeling pretty crappy about your species because they tend to do awful things to each other in the name of science (see below) then maybe you shouldn't go and see Hotel Rwanda two days later.

My insides physically hurt leaving the theater. You may not remember the civil war in Rwanda between the tutsi and hutu's. Remember? Oh, you may have never heard about it in the first place. After all, we had other fish to fry back then. And there's still the tricky issue of whether or not actual genocide occurred. Is only a million dead really genocide? What about the 80 of women who were systematically raped?

This is a great film and I advise you to see it. Great performance by Don Cheadle. And it might make you pause for a moment the next time you see a little blurb on CNN about the latest fighting in Darfur. Every time says there is fighting in XXX, that means that a few thousand people were killed. Probably in some rather horrible way.

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