Saturday, February 19, 2005

Last Year

Last year, not long after moving into our new home, I went to work the Oklahoma Ren Faire in Muskogee Oklahoma. It was quite an experience. Although the show wasn't aweful I still didn't have a great time. For one, I was alone. Rossana was overseeing various repairs at the homefront. I suppose if I had been alone for a month in New York or L.A. I might have been able to pass the time easily. But this was godforsaken Oklahoma.

I saw everything that needed to be seen in two days. After four days of sitting in a cheap Motel room I started to dift out of my own head, like the opening scene from Apocalypse Now. There were five good Chinese buffets in the city and there was a 24 hour Ice Cream parlor across the street from me. I had to get out or I would become Marlon Brando.

I talked my way into a 1 month trial membership at a local gym. I found the public library so I could surf the web and I eventually took a part-time job as a sign maker. The work kept me busy and helped the week days pass faster. I also got to shoot the shit with some great rennies. Thanks to Hoss, Virgil, his assistant and Randy I kept my sanity.

Here are some pics and commentary from the trip for you to enjoy.

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