Thursday, April 14, 2011

Up up and awaaaaaay.

We head out soon and the first issue I'm going to have to deal with are the new scanners at the airport. This is our first trip since their installation and since the entire project has been a fiasco that has proven to be unreliable (and potentially less safe than claimed) I have decided that if possible, I will opt out.

I've been patted down in several countries. But only in America do people tell of having TSA agents shove their hand down your pants. I'm not cool with that. But rather than complain without any experience I'm going to see how things are run in Cleveland. It's not a good statistical sample but hey.

The interesting question is whether I'll actually do it. There's something called Implied Authority Syndrome. It states that most people will do something if they think someone in authority is telling them to do it. So when a person in a semi-police looking uniform tells me to step into the scanner will I say no, or chicken out?

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Mike Substelny said...

I knew I was going to fly six times over the winter, so last August I started pumping iron in the college fitness center. If my body was going to be on a scanner I wanted to be totally buff!

But in all six flights I was never selected for scanning or pat down. Too bad - - - those TSA agents really missed out. ;)