Tuesday, April 06, 2010

We're off on the road to....

Are YOU looking for adventure? Do you like to travel to strange foreign lands to meet exotic people and eat sausages? They do I have a deal for you!.

This summer (June 30- July 12) Rossana and I are going to Poland. The tour looks absolutely fantastic. The company that runs it only takes 15 people so it's very personalized. Right now they are looking for 3-4 more people. If you are interested check out their PDF flyer or call Eryk (who runs the tour) at 603-563-8054

Honestly, this thing sounds great. At one point we'll be dressing up to attend a battle re-enactment near Warsaw followed by a Sarmatian feast! What do Sarmatians eat? I have no idea, but I'm keen to find out.


Anonymous said...

Damn, that's expensive. That's $2,200 PLUS airfare?

I suggest stealing their itinerary, looking up the reenactor battle online and just doing it yourself.

Seriously, $4,500 for the two of you can easily be cut in half for the time you would be there.

- Patrick

rossana said...

No, Patrick, it's not expensive. I stopped hitch hiking and eating street food on my travels awhile ago. You should try it some time. Maybe you and Cat won't get so sick so often when you travel. The time saved and the enjoyment gained by taking the tour FAR surpasses the few miserly sheckels you may save "going on your own". Not to mention the doors that are opened to you in a private group. I've traveled all my life and I've tried different styles and means of travel. The comfort and enjoyment of these tours are far superior to the schleping, cheap-o, "hope-this-works-out", "when's the next bus?", "I can't find the pharmacy" type of travel you seem to enjoy.

Steve said...

Aaaaaaaaand I guess my wife has made her opinion known :)

Anonymous said...

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