Thursday, January 28, 2010

It is done!

At long last my secret project has come to fruition! Announcing the Mark 1 Brass Goggles. I'll be selling these things over at my website

This represents about 2 months of solid work. It was also a great learning experience. I displayed these at ChattaCon and have already sold a few pair. They are indeed pricey, but I think there is a market for a pair of high end brass goggles in the steampunk community.


Ed Dale said...

Really nice! Makes me want to start a steampunk costume. . . Hmm, I have a duster already.

Anonymous said...

Odd. That does not look anything like a Pirate coat. HHhhmmmm.

Sir Constantine.

Anonymous said...

Very schweet.. And I called it early! ;o)
(dunno how the heck I knew...)

Good luck with the sales!