Sunday, January 03, 2010


The whole X-mas thing is finally over! Now I can get back to work on several projects that have been left just hanging there. Hopefully there will be movement this week.

Also, the cars have become such a source of anger that I am willing to firebomb them both and get new ones. NEW ONES. I NEVER buy new cars but if it means that I NEVER see the "Check Engine" light again no price is too high. In fact, when I order this overprices piece of crap from the dealership I will specifically demand that they break the little bulb that lights up when I have to pay my mechanic another $275. No light, no repair bill. I know it doesn't make sense, we're on an emotional level here.


Ed Dale said...

When I saw this I thought of you -

Unknown said...

Steve,Disconnect the battery and the computer will reset. Autozone will run computer diagnostic for free. That and Manual took care of problem on Millie's car.I merely replaced the spark plugs,
Thought Guy Richie did a crap job of directing and cutting "Sherlock Homes".

grim said...

Newer cars will trigger the idiot light for even easy to fix stuff. Go to Autozone, and they will read the codes for free, until it irritates you enough to get a $100 reader yourself.

Our old Ranger kept getting service lights. Resetting the codes let me figure out that it was because I was dropping the truck into drive without waiting 10 seconds for the choke cycle to finish. Fixed my habit, problem solved.

I've also gotten leaky vacuum hose, spark plugs, oxy sensor, and a few other odd things. Only go to a garage when you can't fix it.

We always buy new cars. The kind of people who know they're going to trade in their car soon are the kind who generally beat their cars. Gently driven and well maintained, you really get your money's worth.

Besides, that new Prius is calling to you... (I've already had a deer and two raccoons come up and hug me since we got ours)

Ed Dale said...

Just FYI - a friend of mine got a transit, if you want to see one in person... 22 MPG city and 25 highway and the space of your big van.

Demascus said...

Prius now that is a car worth buying new even used. 48mpg plus not bad and I know you drive alot.
I picked up a big buick a couple years ago with really low miles from Ark.. Had to do some work on it..some I did some I didn't but seems to be worth the trouble. It is a boat with all sorts of lux. items still gets 25-30 mpg on the freeway. But have been exactly where you are old cars old problems and driving you crazy as to how to fix them.