Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Le Commedia ist fini

Yesterday was the last day of the Ohio Renaissance faire, and in effect, the end of the 2009 sales season. Today,we packed up in weather so nice it seemed criminal not to just stand there and admire it, soak it in. A far cry from years when we pulled out as snowflakes began drifting from leaden skies.

I say this is the end of the season but in truth there never really IS an end. Just a lull. Ground work needs to be laid for the winter shows, contracts must be filled out etc etc...

But I feel compelled to draw a line, imaginary as it may be, in the sand and say "This is where this season ended." If only for my mental health. Early on I knew this was going to be a rough one and I created a mantra to deal with it "Just survive". This worked pretty well in keeping me from loosing my shit when the numbers started coming in. I knew that if I started to stress out I would not make it through the season. Although it would have saved me money I didn't get rid of my sales help at Michigan or Ohio. To do so would have put more pressure on me, more stress, worn me out much quicker. And it might not have generated significantly higher profits. My minions were a big help and I appreciate the work they did this year under tough circumstances. They helped keep me sane. Michele, Kendra, Dan, Lindsey, Jesse and Shy. Thanks for all your help.

I'm going to take a little time to catch my breath. Not too long. There's work to do. But while there are still a few nice days left I'd like to pay some much needed attention to the house and grounds. Get crap organized and put away a little. Maybe read a book in the hammock. Ohhh that's be nice....

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Dan Bjorklund said...

As I said during the run of Michigan, your a brave man I don't think I could do what you do doubly so when times are as shitty as they have been this past year or so. For this if there were no other reason I have to give you a lot respect.

I do think you should make use of that awesome hammock of yours before the weather prevents it.