Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More clever monkeys

Ok, I'm gonna need someone to take my wallet for a few weeks so I cannot order this thing. I mean, a working tricorder media player? For $350? Dammit! This is the kind of thing I would have given my left nut for a back in my more fervent fanboy days. And now that I'm a "responsible" adult I'm supposed to 'just say no'? Fuck that!

Okay... deep breath. As long as I don't ever actually touch one in person I should be safe.



Ed Dale said...

eh, call me when they have *classic* trek tricorders that work. these things have bad graphics with bubbles in the overlays.

-did that help with the technolust?

Anonymous said...

You know you want one Steve.
All the COOL geeks are getting them.


Steve said...

As a stopgap I installed a tricorder app on my iphone. But it's not the same and I know it.

The worst part is that even as we speak Paramount is loading up their black helicopters with assault lawyers to take these guys out. If a dozen ever get shipped it'll be a miracle.