Thursday, July 16, 2009

I try to respect other beliefs, but sometimes I think its important to listen to some of the faithfuls actual words. So here they are:

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Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that the apple was bitter.

I wonder what grade the student received from his Professor.

I am pretty sure I saw this same girl knocking on doors in my neighborhood last week. I didn't answer the door. Am I glad that I did not.

On a balanced note... No one said that religion was rational. That is why it is called "faith." Humankind continues to struglle with the time honored question: Why are we here? This is an example of that struggle continuing. The girl has found her answer to the question: "Why are we here?" Her answer: Because God put us here to go forth and multiply.

There are days when I have the same answer...and then there are days when I sin and wonder. Does the light simply go out or is there something more? Ah...the question has lingered since the beginning of self-awareness. One thing is certain, we will all find out in the end. So, there is no need to dwell on this too much.

Sir Constantine.