Monday, June 22, 2009



That was a good party. If you missed it, well...what can I say that will make you feel better? Nothing. That's what. If you missed it I feel very sorry for you. Your life is poorer for it and I hope you can join us next year.

I had a blast. We launched our newest boat onto the pond and not only did my repairs work we had ship to ship water battles. That helped us keep much cooler. Bison Burgers? Tasty. Lots of Frisbee hacking. Some friends dropping by who I haven't seen in literally years.

My friends Joe and Christine from Monolith Graphics put together a VERY cool scavenger hunt over the entire property with a sweet map and prizes. I've wanted to do that for years but never had the time and focus. It was a blast.

Ed brought some amazing ribs and let me take his 911 for a spin at VERY LEGAL AND REASONABLE SPEEDS WHILE OBEYING ALL TRAFFIC LAWS.

So much food and drink...

Showed off some new corsets materials and the scarves from Turkey.

And fireworks? The theme this year was "Hard times". We did a short and fairly lame routine to a polite applause, then brought out round two. More boom, a couple of mini mortars. More applause and the crowd assumed that was it. Tthen we brought out the big stuff. Lots of bangs, big finale. Looked great. And all while sticking to a much smaller budget this year.

Drums were produces and two musicians played guitar and fiddle. I took a few people for candle lit rides in the darkened pond.

Clean up this morning wasn't too bad. Items left behind include some flip flops, a car key,a silver wrist bracelet and two people we found sleeping on a futon in the back of their car.

I can't thank everyone enough who came out to our remote little Hobbit Hole. I hope you had as good a time as I did. If you took pictures please send me a disk or post them to flickr and send me a link.


Ed Dale said...

Lindsey lost a bracelet at one point, so that might be hers.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a wonderful party! I am now looking forward to the installation of shore batteries next year to enhance the devastation of the ship-to-ship barrages. One ground rule: No sitting on the furniture with wet clothes. That is a violation of Pirate etiquette and, what's more, will invoke the wrath of the wife! Ouch! Thank you both for a most excellent day. (And thank you for preserving my wife's misplaced eye glasses, which were retrievd the next day.) Cheers!

Sir Constantine

Ed Dale said...

Now how will we create shore battery's? Slingshots and water ballons? How about catapults with buckets instead of spoons?

Steve said...

Slingshots were the idea. We will have to build some prototypes.

grim said...

I have some of that tubing used for making slingshots.

Damn, sounds like I missed an awesome party. Hope to make it next year...

Anonymous said...

Party = ROCKED
Joe & CHristine = ROCKED
Music = ROCKED
Fireworks = SUPER ROCKED

...all in all, it is safe to say your party ROCKED!

Kimmi G

Anonymous said...

I forgot

Water War and Food also ROCKED!