Monday, April 27, 2009

The Gear,

There was a time when all a man needed to travel the exotic East was a compass, a canteen of water and 4000 Sherpa. So what am I taking?

  1. iPhone - Not for calls or email. I have two Turkish translation programs. Also good for currency exchange.

  2. Acer One Netbook - I'll post to the blog when wifi is available. Also a journal and backup for photos.

  3. Canon Digital camera - It's a bit beaten up but it takes some nice pics.

  4. Travel Journal - I've kept one for each trip. Never crashes. Good for notes, drawings etc.

  5. Messenger bag - Holds lots of stuff including maps, book, passport, led light, journal, energy bar, hand sanitizer, camera, leatherman tool, business cards, one tea bag, pens and compass.

  6. Money belts and pouches - To get all my money you will have to strip me naked and put on rubber gloves.

  7. Tilley Hat - Best hat ever.


Erika said...

You almost forgot the most important thing you are taking with you: your beautiful wife! :)

Ed Dale said...

Enjoy! Looking forward to seeing the photos!