Monday, March 09, 2009

Blogging from a small town - Albino Squirrels

I ran some errands in the "Big City" today. That means Oberlin. And as I crossed the town square I ran across one of Oberlin's more odd inhabitants. A white (or albino) squirrel.

Apparently these little guys are well known. Some people have traveled from foreign lands to see these guys. They are indeed white. It seems that due to feeding by locals a trait that would normally take these little guys out of the gene pool pretty quick has allowed them to thrive. There are still plenty of brown and grey squirrels. But I bet the white guys get hit by cars a lot less. Maybe that shows that they are evolving. Blending in with the environment is not as important as not being hit by cars. Hmmm..


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that's not a rat in disguise?

Sir Constantine

Anonymous said...

B.G.S.U. campus seems to be known for both the albinos and the pure black ones - and they seem to get along together just fine.... ;o)

Just something about this part of Ohio I guess.. never hear of 'em anywhere else. Davis Bessie? (LOL)

Goodman Holiday said...

Everybody loves white squirrels! For some towns, it's their claim to fame: