Friday, January 02, 2009

The Feast!

My wonderful mum gave Rossana and I a great gift this year. Tickets to the Trinity Church Boars Head Feast. Trinity really is a lovely church. Situated downtown across from CSU. I used to go visit it during my brief time college experience. Not as large or grand as some of the Cathedrals I've had the pleasure to see abroad, but it has a great design. Clean lines and not tarted up. A place of peace.

The meal was very tasty, and served promptly. The entertainment was passable and the company was pleasant. When I was asked what I did no one seemed to believe me. I even met the head priest and the director of the church. I didn't push it by telling them that I'm married to a witch and live in a hobbit hole. Weird overload and all that.

If you have a chance to attend I highly recommend it. Costumes are optional but make it more fun. No utensils, hands only.

By the way, this was a few weeks ago not long after Rossana had undergone foot surgery. The weather was brutal that night. Ice everywhere and her foot bound up, just off of crutches. And she STILL looked good. Check out the few pics I managed to grab.


Ed Dale said...

You both look great. It sounds like a great time.

Kelley Holiday said...

Sounds like a blast, and I agree with both look FABULOUS!!!! Reminds me of the University of Texas Madrigal Dinner ( When I went to UT I was on the Arts & Humanities committee one year and helped put this on. Great fun. I should take Goodman and Hannah there this year. :-)

Anonymous said...

How can Rosanna look BAD?