Monday, September 22, 2008

What the...?

On a completely different note, SPACEBALLS was quite possibly the worst goddamn movie ever. I have a highly developed sense of humor. I find mirth in both high and low forms of comedy. I appreciate the folksy wit of A Prarie Home Companion AND a good hit to the groin  (someone else's groin of course).

So when I say SPACEBALLS was the biggest turd of a movie I have ever seen I am not exagurating. Rossana walked out of it. I wanted those 90 minutes of life back with interrest. 

So what does Hollywood do? They make an animated series out of it. 

Wow. It just boggles the mind. I watched the trailer, just in case it had some kind of redeaming quality. But no. It's still a turd. An animated turd. I won't even link to it. 

Really Hollywood, this is the best you can do? I hate you.


Anonymous said...

we have copies of all the Star Wars films, and Spaceballs as well. In truth, we watch Spaceballs far more often. In that movie, I can excuse the terrible acting, the infantile and simplistic characters, the one dimensional aspect of most characters and much of the plot, and the plodding predictability of it all.

If it weren't for Yoda, I wouldn't even watch Star Wars for free. Holy whining Luke and Jar-jar!!!

I'll check into the cartoon...

Unknown said...

I heard a nasty rumor that after Young Frankenstein that Space Balls was the next Mel Brooks Movie to be turned into a play.

Monkey said...

You know, if you would have said "Dracula: Dead and Loving it" I would have agreed. But... I liked Spaceballs. Just above a dick and fart joke, but not far enough where you really have to think about the funny. And until the nation elects McPalin, we are still aloud to have independent thoughts and opinions.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, you have not seen nearly as many bad movies as I have. Spaceballs doesn't even make my top ten list of gawdawful movies.

Have you never seen Xtron?
The Day the Earth Froze?
Manos, the Hands of Fate?
Glenn or Glenda?
The Giant Gila Monster?
The House of Sand and Fog?

If you don't feel the need to bleach your eyeballs afterward, the movie just isn't all that bad.