Friday, July 11, 2008

Geeks at Home

I present to you a collection of geeks, fanboys and nerds dressed in their native attire and in their home settings. This is a series of very cool photos of our kind (or my kind if you are not a nerd and/or fanboy).

There is a strange juxtaposition of seeing a sith lord in a living room with collectible dolls. On the other hand, it shows that a lot of us are just normal people who live in normal places.

I am in no way ashamed of my nerdness. I never have been. Whether it was strolling through the mall in mediaval garb, attending a swanky fundraiser in my trek uniform or going to the moviesdressed as a pirate and/or vampire.

How drab, how dull to live out ones life wearing the uniform our society and culture has stated is 'proper' and 'right'.


Anonymous said...

The obi-Wan and Chewie pics are pretty cool. I didn't know Shatner dressed in his old uniforem in his spare time. And let's not forget the young lady in the Mirror Universe uniform. I'd be interested to know what that phaser is set for.


Ed Dale said...

Umm, I guess I resemble that remark about boring people wearing only the uniform constrained by society. I actually went to a punk rock show last night in a polo.

Anonymous said...

Don't be that guy Ed, just don't be that guy.

On the other hand, wearing a polo shirt to a punk show is rebelling against the rules of what constitutes normal concert attire.


Unknown said...

Yea Ed, be an individual, Just like everyone else.


darthmitsy said...

I'm finally reading your blog. Great site. Cool idea.
Lisa (fairy, pirate, and all-around Wonder Woman)