Monday, June 16, 2008

Another reason I love Germany...

Rossana bought a cheap pair of sunglasses in Germany and at some point near the end of the trip they went AWOL. We just assumed we'd left them on the bus or at a cafe. It turns out we had left them at the house of a friend we visited there.

So what does he do? He mails them back to us in the US! Not content with bubble plastic he also bought a case for them just to make sure they arrived safe and sound along with a CD of images he took in Egypt a few years ago where we met him. Germany (and those that reside within its borders) rock.

Albert, you're the man!


Kelley Holiday said...

Cool. It is so life affirming to meet nice people. I hope Teddie has some good experiences while she is working in Germany. I know she isn't really looking forward to it.

Maybe your good German adventure will rub off on her :-D

Hope you both are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to you and your Lady for a wonderful time on Saturday. Frizzbie Hack was most refreshing thanks to Mother Nature. The pyrotechnics were wonderful as was the food and the company. I also enjoyed the laps within the pond, although we were nearly rammed a few times by a far superior sea-going vessel. Huzzah!! Another succesful convention. Cheers.

Sir Constantine.