Monday, January 21, 2008


I am cleaning my office. This may not sound like a big deal. Unless of course you know me or have seen my office. When I was a young man my nick-name was 'Packrat'. It was aptly chosen.

In the course of emptying boxes of crap I an finding all kinds of CD's worth of data. Music, pics. drivers, software, old games. I'm having a hard time determining what to keep and what to pitch. And one I;ve figured out what to keep, what do I keep it in?

What do you use to keep things neat and organized. What's your system?


Anonymous said...

Piled up boxes of computer crap is not an organization method?

Anonymous said...

What I've done in the past is take a large external drive and transferred the data from cd/floppy to that drive. Tedious but instead of having all those multiple items you have just the one drive.


Anonymous said...

for just misc discs that you want to keep I find that a few largeish "big black books of death" (CD/DVD wallets) labeled and filed on a shelf are invaluable.


Ed Dale said...

I recommend the use of a big green 50 gallon trash can...

Ed Dale said...


Have you seen this news item? A secret castle was discovered in the UK, hidden in a haystack.

Anonymous said...

Nims & Monkey use the "black books of death." As an organizational freak, I really like those for CD/DVDs.

Monkey said...

I heard my name (Yes, It's Monkey) and thought to chime in. I use a variety of storage techniques.

1. Big Black Books of Death
2. Storage Bins in Shelf Unit
3. Piles on Desks
4. Piles in Corners
5. Piles in Boxes

Yes, I need to clean as well. Time to sort the bins and piles and books. Might be time to get rid of some old computer kit that is laying around.

Unknown said...

I have a 30 x 40' barn.
I also cannot possibly get a vehicle into it, nor might I be able to get the generator OUT of it should it be needed. At least not without a bit of stumble and bash.
Keep the office space neat? I move stuff I'm aren't using and can find under the layer of dust out to The Barn. Problem now solved. What - you want to find something that was moved out there 3 years ago you say? *giggle**giggle* - WAH-ha-ha!
Fat chance.

Unknown said...

"I'm aren't using"?
- nice, Cowboy, - nice...

Anonymous said...

My "system" is similar to Cowboy's, except slightly more grammatically correct.