Thursday, September 20, 2007

Love....exciting and new.....

I had the very good fortune to meet and fall madly in love with Rossana when I was a younger man. But there was a time when I was single (a period we call "The dark times"). I can't claim that I had any special skill at "picking up chicks". I was devastatingly charming (lucky) and somehow managed to meet several nice people who I dated for a while through the theater or the medieval groups I belonged to. But I understand full well how hard it can be to meet people. And it can be even harder if you're looking for that special someone who not only thought Lord of the Rings was the best. film. evar. but who can speak a smattering of Elven and can order G'ack in Klingoneese.

In short, it can be hard to meet a fellow geek.

Geeks are becoming much more mainstreak these days. Being a gamer or a Treker no longer means you will remain a virgin. Far from it. But weeding through dense jungle of online dating strikes me as a daunting task. That why I think that is such a neat idea. An online dating site for geeks, fan-boys and fan-girls. If you're single, or know a geek that is, you might want to check them out. I'm not getting any kickback or anything. I just saw the site being pimped over at PvPonline and thought I'd pass it on.

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