Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Back home from Pennsic and the last two weekends of the great Lakes Fair. So much, soooo much. No time!

The short form:

  • Pennsic: A never ending flume ride through an oven.
  • Great lakes: I was nearly decapitated by a porta john.
  • Pennsic: Great Party
  • Great Lakes: We bought a booth!
  • Home: I get a mysterious scar on my forehead (really)
A quick stop at the the house and now we dash off to set up Michigan and do Gen-Con. Could life get busier? Yes, I may be merchanting at Pennsic next year. Holy Crap.

I'll post details when time allows. Stay cool out there.


Anonymous said...

A mysterious scar on your head you say...uh...huh. I think you have been drinking and reading that Harry Potter book again.

Sir Constantine

P.S. ....placenta!

Dee, Taylor's Owner said...

You would probably do well at Pennsic. I haven't seen any nice corsets there (of course, I usually only come out at night! Your corsets are the best so far and I get nothing but compliments when I wear mine!