Monday, June 18, 2007

Ta Da!!!!!!

The party went pretty damn well. Good weather, maybe too good. A bit warm for all. Many huddled under the new roof chowing down on the amazing amount of food that was available. We got a lot of compliments about the new roof and stucco.

As always, there wasn't enough time to sit and talk with anyone at any length. And there were a lot of people. I got to try a friends new bow, very nice. Alas, I didn't have a string for the crossbow I got on ebay. Frisbee hack had a few new twists this year, and once again, no one cut their own head off. I had hoped to have fighting radio controlled Pirate ships but only one was ready. Maybe next year.

The record for longest distance travelled to attend was 1160 miles by Ms Aleta who narrowly beat out my long time friend Jim Taber who came 1158 miles. I need to find some friends in the UK. That was this can be "An International Party".

The fireworks.... well, what can be said. We got a lot of them. Maybe too many. This was supplemented by my friend Travis. As always, safety was the watchword. (Stop snickering) Last years theme was "The Polish Space program" this year? "Here, hold my beer".

So loud and so large was the display, that we actually had a neighbor complain about it. Luckily I have 'people' to handle such annoying persons. He threatened to call the police . We calmly informed him that it was only 9:30 at night and that we had a licenced, trained pyrotechnition on hand and that the show would be over soon. Some of those statements were actually true.

What was really cool was the clean up crews that picked up the trash and helped clean up the fireworks debris.Very cool. It made Sunday's clean up much easier. People were also very generous with donations to help defray the cost of the fireworks. Thanks guys.

If anyone has any pics (As I once again too none) please email them to me. I'll throw up a gallery for them.

If you missed the party, it sucks to be you. You missed a great shindig. If you didn't get an invite, I apologize. I try to exclude no one. Send me your email and snail mail address for next year.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic shindig.
Since you mention fighting pirate ships, would it me amiss for me to plan on one for next year?
I explosives onboard.

Great place, it was my 1st time seeing it and I am suitably impressed.

Also I inadvertantly left a pot/lid/ladle combo behind. I'll need to find a convenient time to pick that up.

Once again, great party.


Anonymous said...

Fantabulous Festivities!

Pete and I were honored to be participants in such revelry and merrymaking! Hats off to both you and Rossana for a wonderful day!

Can't wait for next year!!!!

PS - for next year's Frizbee Hack session, maybe we'll bring the smaller pick-axe, or perhaps the spiked flail - those might be a bit less cumbersome swingin' than that battle axe --- but hey, it had to be done!

Anonymous said...

Awesome party! Monkey and I had a great time (as always).

The fireworks were most excellent. Many thanks to Steve, Travis and all those who contributed to the "boom-boom" show.

Kudos to everyone who made all the great food too.

Anonymous said...

Epic party. You and your wife and the kindest and most gracious hosts. I was admiring those lovely goggles you were wearing and you mentioned a friend of yours makes them. Where could I order a pair?
-Kimmi G

Anonymous said...

I heard rave reviews from Monkey and Diane.

Brother of Monkey

Anonymous said...

Ooooo, fireworks, crossbows, beer... Throw in some bellydancing, firespinning, lusty wenches, man tights and those fighting pirate ships and I am so THERE!

I'm lucky and happy to be getting you as my soon-to-be brother-in-law :-D

Next year, we definitely want an invite!