Friday, May 18, 2007

Yes, no,no,yes,no,ye-no YES!

This weekend Lindsey and I were supposed to attend Pennsic War Practice (an SCA event). It's not big, but it's close, I have some friends there and we made a podest profit last year. Rossana would be staying behind to oversee work being done at the house.

At 2am last night I had some kind of strange premonition and I checked the event website. In all previous years, you would just show up. All you needed was a valid PA sales license. Not this year. The property owners now demand that all merchants carry a 2 million dollar liability policy. Also, you had to pre-register for the event. I felt ill. I fired off an email to the merchant coordinator asking if there was anything that could be done. In the morning I tried to call the Autocrat (who runs the event). No luck.

Lindsey arrived and I explained the situation. It just didn't look feasible. Plus some guys never showed up at the house to do prep work and I might be of more use at the home front. We spent the day doing errands, writing off the event. Then I got a call from the merchant coordinator. It seems like we could do the event if we showed up with the paperwork. Crap. The insurance requirement had forced several smaller merchants to withdraw from the event. There were about half the normal number of vendors this year. Fewer merchants means fewer places to spend money. This can conceivably lead to increased sales.

So at 10:30pm we threw a show load into the van. Lindsey is doing the show solo. She's worked without us before, but with a minion of her own. We still don't know if our insurance will cover the event. It's a crap shoot. We're trusting that everything will go the way we hope and no one will be a dick. Keeping fingers crossed.

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Ed Dale said...


I don't see how this could possibly go wrong . . .

I wish Lindsey luck at war practice. It seems nicer this year weather wise, so there is that.

- Ed