Monday, March 05, 2007

About Ann Coulter

*Notice* Harsh language and strong opinions ahead.

If you're not familiar with conservative opinionista Ann (not a tranny) Coulter there is little I can say to bring you up to speed about this rather hateful harpy. Do a little googleing, and keep a trash can nearby for vomiting.

Her latest attempt at humor was at a Conservatives conference where she was the keynote speaker. And what was her crowning glory? Referring to John Edwards as a "faggot".

I'm not kidding. This is not taken out of context or a misspoken word. She outright called John Edwards a faggot.

Now I have a sense of humor. I love a good laugh and conservatives certainly have the right to make fun of the Democrats, the liberals, the Barbara Streisand's and Michael Moore's of the world. But if you're going to throw harsh language around, you better know how the fuck to do it. There are many great filthy comedians. And a well placed "motherfucker" can add a great deal of punch to a joke (just ask Samuel L. Jackson). But if you're idea of a joke is to say "John Edwards of a faggot" then you need to sit down and study the works of Richard Pryor or even Andrew Dice Clay. Comedy isn't about saying naughty words, it's about being funny. Calling someone a faggot isn't really funny.

I suppose you could have still tried the joke using some clever euphemisms. A deft double entendre'. But no Ann, you went right for faggot, just like last year you used the term "Raghead" to describe Muslims. Which is, admittedly, better than "Sand Nigger" which is what I am sure you were grasping for.

Maybe you are just lashing out. Striking back. After all, there have been some unkind things said about you. If I called Ann Coulter a scabby kneed, disease ridden cum guzzler, she might feel I had crossed a line. But this expression is an absurdly wild and obvious untruth. I am also not speaking to an audience of fellow liberals nor representing my joke as the opinion commonly held by said liberals. But humor is subjective. And I guess that your idea of a good yuck is to use one of the most hateful epithets still around.

And the most obvious thing is, you don't bill yourself as a comedienne. You are a pundit. An opinion giver. A representative of the conservative movement. Am I to believe that this is the common opinion of your fellow republicans? I am happy to have several conservative friends. Does this woman speak for you? Maybe you don't like John Edwards, maybe you don't like gays. But I have a hard time imagining anyone these days blurting out such a phrase. Honestly, I haven't heard the term "So and so is a faggot" since... I don't know, 1986?

In the end, they are only words. Stupid, hateful, biggoted words, but just words. And I would not stop her from speaking even if I could. Because Ann Coulter serves a purpose. The same purpose the Neo Nazi's serve. And the frothing at the mouth fundies. They are a powerful reminder of how far wrong ideas can go. Shining beacons of stupidity. Keep talking Ann. You're helping our country is ways you can't even imagine.

p.s. Check out Henry Rollins take on Ann here.


Anonymous said...

Coulter brings value only in proving that our right to free speech is alive and well. Yes, Coulter teaches us that you have the lawful right to be a complete ass in our country. The Constitution could have done well without yet another test of its integrity, especially from the likes of Coulter.

I prefer to test the limits of the Constitution by yelling "Huzzah" on occassion at the faire and by insulting commercially produced meads.

Sir Constantine

Anonymous said...

Loved the Henry Rollins link!

Ann Coulter is a white she-devil...and not in that cool, Rosanna she-devil sort of way either!

Goodman Holiday said...

Coulter brings value only in proving that our right to free speech is alive and well.

Not really. Verbal attacks on minorities are nothing special-- you can find them in every country on Earth. What makes America different is protecting speech that's critical of the majority. Though I think if Coulter had called Jesus a faggot, she wouldn't have a career right now.