Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Home again, home again...

Managed to pull the show out of the fire with some last minute sales. I enjoyed the warm Arizona days but it was time to go. The wind was kicking up and dust began once again to settle on everything. You constantly felt gritty. We packed up everything, handed our stock to the SCA UPS person praying that it would get delivered to a UPS store (UPS doesn't pick up at the site for some reason) and headed out.

On the way to the airport for our Midnight flight we visited the Arizona Ren Fair. Man, I work in a freakin ghetto. A slum. Ohio Ren? Great Lakes? They just can't hold a candle to this show. I need to get in there. Amazing grounds, stunning booths. Alas, we couldn't stay long as there was a road closed and we had to take a lengthy detour and did'nt want to risk getting lost.

Home now, safe but sick. Hack! wheeeeze.

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