Friday, December 29, 2006

Dumbasses vs. Bees

I direct your attention to the following forums post with death defying pictures. Man, who the hell would do something so farking dangerous?

I'm looking at you Grimm.


Anonymous said...

Not withstanding the sheer stupidity of his actions, the photos are fantastic!

Brother of Monkey

Anonymous said...

The scary thing is...I can see Grimm trying that.

Anonymous said...

wow rednecks are blogging...wait, wouldnt the damage to the swingset pretty much balance out the cost of a real bee killer, like a pro or some bug killing spray?


Anonymous said...

Hey! Why would people think I'd be inclined to figure out the most dangerous way to do something, and, err, oh yeah, I see your point...

These guys didn't try gunpowder, or a baseball bat.