Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Kung Fu is strong but my Rig is weak

It's been a while since I did any upgrades on my home built system. And there's a good reason for that. Because any attempt to update or overhaul this system will likely result in the delicate magic holding said system together to be dispelled leaving nothing but a pile of raw silicone and a weeping corset saleman. I simply cannot afford to have my computer down for any length of time. I rely on it, as does my business and those of my website clients. So I've let it slide. But its annoyances have grown. Plug and play is spotty, the video card whines, hard drive performance seems very slow. Etc etc.

Since taking this system apart is out of the question I need a new rig. This is where you folks come in. If you yourself, or someone you know, is a clever tool-using monkey, I gots a job for ya.

What I want:

Fast components. Not THE latest, as these are very spensive, just one step behind.
Video: I need to be able to kick my friend Jackals ass in BF2. Plan accordingly.
Lots o RAM. I deal with large photoshop files. 2 gig.
Dual layer DVD burning= Good.
Media card reader.
Legit copy of XP: OEM or boxed makes no difference. I can't have Microsoft giving me shit just to save a few bucks.
Dual Boot? Hey, I've heard good things about Ubuntu. I'd love to have that option.
Hard drive: Huge SATA is best. I also need to be able to hook up my current ATA drive to transfer over huge numbers of files.
Sound Card: Need not be fancy. I typically use headphones.
Lights, bells, whistles, windows and spinner need not apply.
Sound: Quiet. Fanless power supply would be nice.
No monitor needed.

Price: Under 1 grand if at all possible.

If you're interrested in the job please email me. I'd like to get this process rolling next week. Although I am by no means a huge blog I'd be very happy to plug you or your company or run your banner ad.

Thanks for your help.


Anonymous said...

How about this? :


Steve said...

Hmmm, that link didn;t work as I needed to be logged with an account.

Ed Dale said...


Good luck with the search. I hope one of your many readers will bite. If they don't, check this out -

Media Center PC, Pentium D dual core 3.0 processor, 1.5 gig ram, 300 gb hard drive. $629

Anonymous said... - custom built PCs, very customizable, very affordable, quick build, highly recommended.

I got a very nice customized PC through them for $800 and it's got a >lot< of bells and whistles plus I received a free printer (though I did already have the monitor...)

Anonymous said...

Duh. Call Monkey. He lives for this crap.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. I Thought you and I had this discussion during the GLMF...Guess I shoul dhave just built one instead of sending you somewhere :P in any case for what you need this is plenty of power.

P.S. I know its only 1 gig of Ram but trsut me this system will work for what you need.

Anonymous said...

Steve - If you haven't found someone you're comfortable with, I have a pro in Elyria who ALWAYS hooks me up. Name is Bill Doebele (pronounced like Dough-bull). Phone 440-935-1381 or email

He will give you a fair deal on what you seek, especially since you know precisely what you need/want. I'd say email him your system needs/requirements - he will let you know what he can do it for.

Good luck. Love the picture you used - pray tell, that CANNOT possibly be what you currently use...

One of your adoring fans -

Anonymous said...


Your Kung Fu has never been strong!

You must Die I alone am best!!

See you at the frag fest, if we ever have one again.

Ohh and so you have a rig thats up to par.

You can also look at the high end rig and modify it, thats what I usually do.


Anonymous said...

Here is the whole link.


Anonymous said...

I have seen your new rig. It is much too cool (and quiet) for you! ;)


Steve said...

Thanks for the help. I contacted Monkey and soon my new rig will be here.