Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Have we won yet?

The 'War on Abstract Concepts (tm)' is making great strides. Thanks to better international cooperation Canada was able to quickly deliver wrong information about one of its citizens to the U.S. The U.S., in turn handed him over to our friends, the Syrians who tortured him for a year before informing us that "Uh, this guy doesn't know anything dude. I mean, we broke him and guess what, nothing".

And for those of you in the 'Well this is just an isolated case' crowd, its seems we did it with three other Canadians as well. Hell, Bush doesn't even deny the secret prisons any more. How far does this insanity have to go?

Have you had enough yet? Don't forget to vote in the upcoming midterm elections. I beg you.

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Anonymous said...

"Abstract Concepts" must be destroyed... and people must be tortured for entertaining them (or uttering them in public.

It's insanity... pure and simple. Perhaps it's a good time for that unknown "Earth killer" asteroid to take us out -- as long as it hits Crawford, Texas first I'm OK with it.