Tuesday, July 04, 2006

No rest for the wicked

No sooner was the Bag End Bash over than we had to get back to work. It was off to Origins in Columbus. This is a huge gaming industry event. It covers EVERYTHING. From Parchizi to D20 to LARPS. If you don't know what any of tyhose things are, you haven't played a game in the last 20 years. It's a good thing I got out of gaming a while back. Even so there were so many cool games and gaming accessories.

Must ...resist..shiny...objects...

This was a four day event and sales were good for us. But again we cannot rest on our laurels. Unpack, repack and go set up for the Great Lakes fair and the Silver Leaf fair, both opening this weekend. I am worried that we don't have enough stock. The credit card machine also started acting wonky this weekend and might need to be replaced.

This is the pace of things from now on until the end of October or so. Ah well, I enjoyed the Spring. Thanks again to evenyone who came out for the party. Send me your pics! I have some good ones and will be posting them soon.

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